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Advantages & Reasons for Attic Conversions

Family RoomsWhy Do People Get Attic Conversions?

There are 3 main groups:

  • Those who work at home, either running their own business or as employees who are able to work away from their normal place of employment. Fed up with paperwork and files cluttering up the dining room or spare bedroom, it makes sense to have a separate room dedicated to office work, away from the domestic areas.
  • Bedrooms for the younger family members. Kids grow bigger, their possessions increase dramatically, one room is no longer suitable for two or more siblings. Young adults stay at home for far longer than their predecessors, each needs his own room.
  • Family rooms for general use. Students study area/computer room/teenager hangouts/ doubling up as emergency guest bedroom with bed settee. College kids tend to bring friends home to sleep overnight.

Main Advantages of an Attic Conversion

  • The cost
    An attic conversion will cost less than half the price of a ground floor extension.:
  • Less Hassle
    These rooms are exempt from planning permission. In most cases you don’t even need architectural drawings.
  • Space saving
    You are not taking any valuable space from the garden, you are simply making better use of the space you already have within the four walls.
  • Minimum disruption
    A good contractor will complete a standard conversion in the average house in ten to twelve days.