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Hipped Roofs

The traditional problems associated with hipped roof attic conversions are the difficulty with fitting a decent stairs in a suitable location, and the smallness of the convertible space.

We are having increasing success with obtaining planning permission for adding a dormer to the side of a hipped roof.

Not everyone likes the appearance of these dormers, but for those who can live with it, it will transform the suitability of your house and give you an excellent conversion with a proper stairs in the right location. i.e above your existing stairs where it will look as though it was always there.

We look after the preparation of the drawings and planning permission. The only thing we cannot do is guarantee that you will receive permission. However, our success rate so far is about nine out of ten.

Examples of lowered side dormers, now favoured by planners everywhere

If your roof is not very high, a lowered dormer might not be any good to you. The alternative is to convert the roof to a full gable or dutch hip. (click on the photos below to enlarge them)

Hipped Roofs Gallery

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