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Buying a House? Check the Roof First

Roof Check

When buying a house, either new or secondhand, it is very important to find out in advance if the attic can be converted or not.

It may not be of any interest to you now, but I can assure you that the chances are great that at some time in the future you will be looking for more space.

Several times each month I meet home owners who are devastated when I tell them it is impossible to convert their attics. They are often left with no alternative but to move house, simply because they need more space. When they moved in they thought “This is all the space we will ever need”. But life’s events have a habit of overtaking us.


Some builders are preparing the roofs for future attic conversion in all their houses, and that’s great to see.And some builders are offering this benefit as an optional extra, but BEWARE!

The price some of them are charging is outrageous. It’s a way of telling you they don’t want to do it.

MY ADVICE IS: DO NOT TAKE UP THE OFFER, unless it is priced realistically.

Some house buyers have been charged 10k to prepare the roof, I have heard of others being charged 20k.



You can avoid this disappointment very easily.

BEFORE you agree to purchase, just email us the address of the house you have your eye on. We will look it up on google streetview and tell you straight away whether or not the attic can be converted. We will tell you what space you will get, and roughly how much it will cost.