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Fire Regulations

When you have planning permission for ‘habitable’ status for your attic room you must observe the fire regulations.

This means:

  • Fireproofing the bedroom ceilings
  • Changing all the doors in the house for ‘fire’ doors with auto closers.
  • Installing a dedicated fire escape window.
  • Installing an interlinked smoke alarm system throughout the house.

And, you may need to create more space for a ‘regulation’ stairs.

When your new attic room is a ‘storage’ room, as most of them are, then it’s up to you how far you wish to go with providing these precautions.

Loft Conversion & Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Converting the roof space may be a convenient way of obtaining additional living space in an existing dwelling house, without extending into the garden.However there are many issues to be resolved before any works are carried out. There is a legal requirement to comply with building regulations, including those related to fire safety. The purpose of these fire safety requirements is to safeguard you and your family, should a fire occur in your home.

This leaflet, from the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government highlights the principal fire safety issues that need to be considered when converting the roofspace (loft / attic) in an existing dwelling house.

Loft Conversion & Fire Safety – Click here to download this PDF document