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Habitable or Storage Room?

99.9% of attic conversions are classed as ‘storage’ rooms because the roofs are not high enough.

If you want to be able to call your new attic room a bedroom 50% of the floor area needs to be 2.4 mtrs high (just under 8 feet) in order to qualify.

If your roof is a little over 8 feet high you could achieve habitable status by adding a large, flat roof dormer to the back. Otherwise your roof would need to be greater than 11 feet high to get the same result (without the dormer).

So, what if your roof is high enough? What’s the procedure?

First of all you need to apply for planning permission for habitable status. Cost around 1k to 3k.
Next you need to comply with fire regulations for 3 story houses.

This means:

  • Fireproofing the bedroom ceilings
  • Changing all the doors in the house for ‘fire’ doors with auto closers.
  • Installing a dedicated fire escape window.
  • You may need to create more space for a ‘regulation’ stairs.

Will it add value to your house?

On selling, will you get more for your house than your neighbour whose attic conversion is a ‘storage room’?


Will the additional sale price be worth the initial added expense?