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About Us

CHI Attics started life in 1992 as a general building company.

We very soon found that attic conversions were becoming a major part of our regular work.

At that time there were four attic conversions companies servicing the Dublin area. Only two of those remain in business today.

A year later we dropped all other building work to concentrate exclusively on attic conversions. We placed an advert in the Golden Pages and doubled our work volume immediately.

We have since dropped all forms of advertising because we now receive most of our work from recommendations, and from our website.

CHI Attics has a policy of using only the best qualified and most experienced tradesmen, and the result is the very fine reputation we enjoy for excellent work and for our first class after sales service.

Our standards are the highest in the industry and our prices are very fair for the quality of the product we provide.

Needless to say we do not try to compete with the many dubious newcomers to the industry.

So, if you believe that the cheapest price is the best value for money, then please don’t trouble us with an enquiry.

Watch a video of one of our latest attic conversions – click play below!